Student Support Services

Prospective students are encouraged to contact ACCHS early in the admission process in order to receive assistance and information about services. Students with disabilities need to apply for admission to the Academy using the standard admissions process. If the student’s disability has prevented them from meeting any admission requirements and they believe they are an “otherwise qualified applicant,” they may be eligible to request alternative admissions assistance from ACCHS. On a case-by-case basis, ACCHS examines an applicant’s documentation and academic record to determine whether or not to support a recommendation for alternative admissions. ACCHS cannot offer alternative admissions assistance to prospective students who have not completed their admissions application and submitted all final transcripts. Current students may also be eligible for one or more services, depending on the specific nature of their disabilities. Disability verification must be provided to the Program Administrator when registering at ACCHS. Students must also submit the Student Request Form when requesting support services related to a disability. The Student Request Form can be found online at or in the forms bin outside of the administration office.

The Disability verification must be in the form of a certified document from a qualified medical professional. Please ensure that any disability documentation has been signed and dated by the person qualifying the disability.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Please have your psychiatrist or other mental health professional complete and submit a record of  a psycho-educational evaluation which includes ASD diagnosis.

Legal Blindness or Visual Impairment
A copy of your most recent eye examination results from your ophthalmologist or optometrist verifying your legal blindness or other visual impairment. In general, applicants utilizing conductive lenses must have a corrected vision of not less than 20/200 to be eligible for ACCHS support services. If you do not meet this requirement but have a visual impairment that significantly impacts your academic performance, you may still be eligible for services.

Deafness or Hard of Hearing
A copy of an audiogram, administered within the last two years by your
physician, audiometrist or audiologist, verifying the extent of your hearing

Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder
For learning disabilities, records of a psycho-educational evaluation performed by a qualified professional. For Attention Deficit Disorder, please have a psychiatrist or other qualified professional submit and certify an evaluation with the diagnosis.

Psychological Disabilities
Please have your psychiatrist or other mental health professional complete and submit and certify an evaluation with the diagnosis.

Mobility Impairment, Speech Impairment, Acquired Brain Injury, Chronic Illness, or other disabilities not listed above
Please have your physician or other appropriate professional complete and submit the proper documentation that identifies the disability. ACCHS specific services for disabilities include the following:
• Academic Assistance
• Alternate Media
• Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Services
• Disability Management & Advising
• Priority Registration
• Test Accommodations