The Academy would like to thank the Taoist Center
for its many contributions over the years


ACCHS is a not-for-profit institution of higher learning which always seeks to improve the quality and quantity of its educational programs and extra-curricular events. If you would like to further the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine or aid us in TCM erudition, please contact the office of the vice-president. Because of its NPO status, the Academy does not always have the means to broaden its medical horizons. With your help, we hope to accelerate the accessibility of health-care for all persons regardless race, religion, and/or socioeconomic factors. Join us in bringing integrative medicine to everyone in the Bay Area.

Donations in the past have included books, televisions, massage tables, currency, computers, office supplies, volunteer time, anatomical models, teaching aids, and general assistance.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Phillip Tou, vice-president, 510-763-7787 ext.116. Or email us at and share your ideas of future and progress.

We appreciate your time, energy, donations, and hard work.

Give to ACCHS

Your donation helps maintain a faculty dedicated to excellence, bring world-class instructors to campus for continuing education classes, deliver low-cost, high-quality health care to patients, and offer public wellness classes.