Work-Study Program

If you’re interested in taking part in the ACCHS Work-Study Program, be sure to indicate your interest on your FAFSA application. The FA office will not offer Work-Study if you do not ask for it. After you submit your FAFSA application, the ACCHS Financial Aid Office will notify you if you are eligible for Work-Study.

Work positions reflect the request and application which you submit to the ACCHS Dean of Administration. The hours and schedule which have been assigned to this position will be indicated on your employment contract with the institution after it has been determined by the department for which you have been assigned.

The rate of pay will also be reflected on the contract for employment, and you will receive payment on a monthly basis from the Academy Business office for hours which you have completed under the Federal Work-Study Program.

Your employment with the Academy is contingent on your satisfactory completion of tasks and duties set forth by the department for which you have been assigned. The Academy reserves the right to remove you from your position if your employee evaluation demonstrates unsatisfactory completion of tasks and duties associated with your position.

Furthermore, the position for which you have been assigned is on an institutional ‘as needed’ basis, and you may be assigned to another position during a trimester if your current position is deemed as ‘unneeded’ by the Academy Dean of Administration.

Procedures for accepting Work-Study Financial Aid (FWS)

  1. Review your new Financial Aid Award Offer Letter, the letter that discloses the amounts of money that you are eligible for. Accept or decline portions of the offer letter and return the signed offer letter to the ACCHS Financial Aid office. Although you may alter the amounts of subsidized and unsubsidized loans you would like to receive, you may not alter the amounts of FWS amounts that are offered to you for each trimester. If you can not fulfill a FWS position, please do not apply. FWS amounts are based on part-time employment for a given trimester. Each student is expected to fulfill the required amount of hours for each position per trimester.
  2. Although a FWS award has been made available to you, you must sign and return the offer letter before the ACCHS administration fills the position you seek to occupy (please note that FWS funds may slightly exceed the amount shown on the actual Award Letter, depending on the position for which you apply and the number of hours you fulfill). Sign and return your offer letter and begin the application process for FWS employment. Once you have accepted FWS, the financial aid administrator will determine if the position is filled. If the position is not filled, you must complete an I-9 Form (Eligibility for Employment) and a W4 Form. If you are hired for FWS, you will receive a hiring packet that further explains your rights and responsibilities as an ACCHS FWS employee.

Review the job descriptions in the ACCHS Financial Aid Office to determine if you would like to fill a FWS position at the Academy.

Current Work-Study Positions

  1. Teaching Assistant
  2. Tutorial Assistant
  3. Computer Monitor (Desktop Troubleshooting)
  4. Community Teaching Clinic Assistant
  5. Library Assistant
  6. TCM Community Outreach
  7. Clerical Assistant