Tui Na MTCP Faculty

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 Johnson was certified as a massage therapist and tuina practitioner in 2001 and became a California licensed acupuncturist in 2003 and also got his certification in acupuncture orthopedics in 2003. Currently, he is an instructor at ACTCM and ACCHS and teaches Sports Acupuncture Treatment for Diseases and Pain Management in Tuina Level 2.

Jon has been a practicing massage therapist since 1992. He is well-versed in many massage disciplines, including Shiatsu, Tuina, Thai, and other advanced styles. He is also educated in traditional Chinese medicine, having completed the MSTCM program at ACCHS. He currently has a practice in San Francisco, treating with massage, acupuncture, herbs, and other TCM modalities.

Jason Frye began a study of Tui Na and Acupressure along side a study of Tai Chi and Qigong with Brian O’Dea and Kathleen Davis in 1998. He is a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and combines this with Tui Na and Medical Qigong in every session. Jason has been an instructor of Tui Na and Acupressure at The Acupressure Institute in Berkeley and McKinnon Institute in Oakland since 2002. He practices these healing arts in his home office in Uptown Oakland just a few blocks from Lake Merritt.

Vincent graduated with a  B.S., at California State University, Sacramento in 2002 and ACCHS in 2007. Currently, he has a private practice in Sacramento & Rocklin, CA. Mr. He has been studying Chinese herbal medicine for years before he attended ACCHS for his master degree in TCM.

Sean graduated from China Culture University in Taiwan. Fluent in Chinese and English, he is  currently running a successful TCM clinic in San Francisco.

Hong Ji Hu received his massage education at the Acupuncture and Massage Institute of America in Hacienda, CA. He has held positions at Far East Wellness Center in Walnut Creek and A Perfect Day Spa in Millbrae, CA. He has worked as an instructor for more than ten years and has focused on health-care and sports training.
Qiren Li, L.Ac. Qiren graduated from Shandong TCM school in 1993 and received his California acupuncture license in 2006.  Li has been practicing Chinese traumatology for over 20 yrs.  Has plenty of tuina teaching experience. He currently teach sports injury in ACCHS tuina program

Keith is an intuitive and gifted massage therapist with experience in spa management treatments. He attended and completed a program at the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Kailua, Hawaii, where he received his massage therapy license. Currently, he specializes in Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi, Lomi, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aroma Therapy, and Sugar/Salt Scrubs.

Teresa Ng, M.S., L.Ac. has a MSTCM and is licensed by the State of California.  Teresa had the privilege to work and learn from the famous 93-year-old Chinese Medicine Master, Dr. Bing Yan Li, before her retirement; Dr. Li specialized in women’s health problems.  She is being recognized by China in the Famous People Record as one of the top 300 knowledgeable Chinese medicine doctors.

Brian has over 40 years of martial arts, meditation, and health care practice. As a Senior Instructor, he taught “Winds and Waters” Tui Na bodywork, Acupressure, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Traditional Chinese Philosophy at the Acupressure Institute and other acupuncture and bodywork schools since 1988. He completed over 1000 hours of study at the Acupressure Institute, and he is a graduate of Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. He has studied Jin Shin Jyutsu with Mary Burmeister and Pat Meador, and Qi Gong with Simu Ou Yang Min for over 25 years. Brian also studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Prof. Cheng Man Ching and Aikido with Lou Kleinsmith, as well as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Tui Na, and Taoist Philosophy with Sifu Tsuei Wei since 1975.

Janet has practiced and taught Asian Bodywork Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. Janet began her career in Asian Bodywork Therapy at the Acupressure Institute in 1982, as a teacher and practitioner. She completed over 1000 hours of study at the Acupressure Institute. Also, Janet became a faculty member of Jin Shin Jyutsu in 1993. Furthermore, Janet has taught at various Acupuncture and Bodywork schools in California, where she developed the curriculum for her 500-hour Acupressure Therapy Program and wrote four textbooks. She studied Qi Gong with Simu Min Ou Yang for ten years, and apprenticed with Dr. Alex Feng in Acupuncture for several years. In addition, Janet studied Jin Shin Jyutsu for many years with Mary Burmeister. She has taught throughout the United States and internationally.

In 2010, Marion pursued her life-long dream of becoming a healer and attended ACCHS. Marion is familiar with the famous Master Tung points which is effective for pain management and a wide variety of ailments.  Marion is currently a faculty member and tutor at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences.  She is a shift acupuncturist at Octagon Community Acupuncture Clinic and also volunteers at Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic as an acupuncturist.

Mr. Ye graduated from Nanjing Chinese medicine college massage program in 2005.  Highly experienced in basic and advanced tuina techniques, he teaches tuina massage around the United States as well as overseas.  Currently, he teaches fundamental tuina techniques and treatment of common ailments in the ACCHS tuina program.

Mr. Yu graduated from the Advanced TCM Orthopedics program at the Research Institute of Chinese Medicine in 2011 and is a California licensed acupuncturist. Experienced in treating a variety of conditions, work and auto-related injuries,  Mr. Yu practiced acupuncture, acupressure, orthopedic massage and pain management in San Francisco.

Catherine completed her certification in Advnaced Acupressure and Oriental Bodywork from the Acupressure Institute in 2000 and graduated from ACCHS in 2005. She has practiced Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Deep Tissue Massage, and acupuncture at her private clinic and throughout various community clinics.

Tong graduated with a B.M. from Guangzhou University of TCM in 1983. Currently he works as an instructor and clinical supervisor at ACCHS. In the United States, Mr. Zhang retained his L.Ac. and began practicing and teaching. He has a private practice in San Francisco.