Below is a list of questions that are frequently asked by prospective students. Please scan the questions for one that best represents your query, then click on the question to see the answer.

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There are many differences between ACCHS and other schools. We are the Academy of “Chinese Culture.” No other institution boasts cultural overtones. ACCHS is the third oldest school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States, founded on principles which originate from China, that culture is strongly emphasized in the TCM curriculum. First and foremost, we are focused on cultivating your ability to graduate from the Masters program, which is the entry level for licensure. Moreover, you will not learn acupuncture modalities that stray from the authenticity of TCM. You will never hear us refer to this medical field as “Oriental Medicine” or “OM.” We focus on TCM modalities, yin and yang, the five elements, and cultural aspects that relate to the history of China – TCM. If you seek to integrate Japanese, Korean, and/or other Asian acupuncture modalities, you will not find them at an academy of Chinese culture.

We get this question often. Of course, the classroom experience is subjective and will vary from student to student. If you are accepted to the MSTCM program, you will be placed in a cohort with approximately 20-30 students. We strongly suggest that you download the latest class schedules and arrange a time to sit in on a class. We strongly encourage you to experience a class for yourself, without obligations. Then, you will have an understanding of the TCM/ACCHS classroom environs.

Our students are professionals, of all races and ethnicities, with an average age of 32-38, who are generally moving into a new career phase. Many of our students are massage therapists and/or practitioners who are seeking to open their own acupuncture practices. A license to practice acupuncture is a sure way to increase your income potential. Therefore, many chiropractors, RN’s, massage and physical therapists, and naturopathic practitioners enroll in our program. However, a variety of other professionals, such as real estate agents, policemen, entrepreneurs, accountants, etc. have enrolled as well.

Because many of our students graduate and start their own practices, we do not operate a placement program within the ACCHS administration. Currently, ACCHS is working with Career Education Services to provide job placement to students who’d like to broaden their acupuncture horizons beyond self-employment. ECS will assist students who are looking for an acupuncture positions in other states or with larger corporations that keep acupuncturists on staff. TCM and acupuncture is a “put in/take out” profession, meaning what you put in is what you take out.

Typically, after graduation, on average, a licensed acupuncturist makes between $35,000 – $45,000. The burden of success falls entirely on your shoulders. You decide how much work you want, how much you charge per visit, and how many people you see per week.  You must have a well developed plan for establishing your professional presence and your business.  If you steadily establish your clientele and your reputation as a health physician, your income will steadily increase.

The daytime MSTCM program at ACCHS is three years long, designed to get you into the workforce as soon as possible. The program runs all year long, fall, spring, and summer, with two to four weeks of breaktime in between each trimester.

Normally, your cohort will be no larger than 25 people. At times, we split classes up into A and B groups.

The MSTCM program is an ACAOM accredited program. ACAOM is the agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary if Education. We accept transfer credit from accredited colleges or universities, provided the course satisfies our curriculum criteria. You should be able to transfer classes out to other universities as well. However, colleges and universities transfer classes at their own discretion. The courses you take at ACCHS will transfer to other ACAOM approved TCM schools; though, you should contact your advisor for more information on what may or may not transfer.

It’s a good idea to get your Basic Science courses out of the way first. ACCHS offers Pre-Med for Acupuncturists in the Summer term, usually starting the second week of May where you’ll be able to complete many if not all of the Basic Science courses.

It is possible to complete your Basic Sciences concurrently with the ACCHS TCM curriculum. Once you start your TCM program, you will have precious little time to complete basic science courses, so early completion of your theses classes gives you an advantage.

The practical clinical training portion of the curriculum begins in the fourth trimester or in the second year. Refer to the course prerequisites for clinical training to find out what course must be completed before the internship begins.

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