DAOM Schedule

The current projected start date for
the DAOM program is January 2017.

The 2-year program will follow a 4-day/month format, with most classes slated for the 1st weekend of each month, except when holidays or other important dates would push it to another month.

The Academy is currently arranging the schedule with the faculty, and will attempt to concentrate the majority of the Classical material within one year, and the orthopedic and pain management material in the other year.

Though students can enroll at any time, they are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of a given year, so that they have 12-months progression along one of these specializations uninterrupted. The monthly schedule will be published soon (pending ACAOM’s approval of ACCHS’ substantive change application). Please email psettels@acchs.edu to be notified of all developments.

Need more information? Please consult: