ACCHS programs emphasize the cultivation of the intellect
and understanding of human nature.

The corpus of Chinese medical knowledge is vast, and although rote learning is necessary, emphasis at the Academy is placed on the development of critical thinking. The ability to analyze, evaluate, and effectively translate Chinese medical information into practical clinical use is essential. In addition to didactic and clinical training, the Academy’s Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree program includes supervised research projects. Participation in scientific research stimulates students to develop professional skills, ethics, and confidence. It is our belief that diligent practice of particular disciplines enables students to cultivate health, well being, and inner harmony.

Through the practice of Taiji, Qi Gong, and meditation, the Academy also strives to provide its students with the necessary roots for the development of self-awareness and growth. It is our hope that training students in these disciplines, while increasing their understanding of human nature, will help them make a significant contribution toward the development, wellness, and prosperity of humanity.