Tuition & Expenses

All fees updated 07/2018

Total Estimated Fees:

  • Tui Na Massage Therapy Certification Program:

Cost is per program,  please go to our Tui Na program

  • Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine Program:

Tuition $50,373.00; Fees $1,800.00 (Total: $52,173.00)
Tuition may be increased during the any trimester at a rate similar to that of the national cost of living index increase; students should budget such a raise accordingly.

Other Expenses

In addition to the fees and estimated expenses outlined above, all students should prepare their budget with consideration of textbooks, housing and meals, health, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students should be prepared to pay all tuition and fees each term at registration, either by cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard. Low-interest installment agreements are available to students experiencing financial difficulties. The down payment is one third (1/3) of the total amount. Students who do not pay in full or complete their installment contracts are ineligible to register for the following term, graduate, or receive transcripts of academic credit. Students will be charged $30 for each late installment. In addition, the processing fee for each returned check is $20.

Financial Resources

The Academy provides access to several low-interest financial aid programs. Federal Direct Loans can be utilized by degree-seeking students who qualify. Private loans are also available for students who meet the credit criteria. For application purposes, the FAFSA school code for ACCHS is G32883. For more information, contact the Academy Financial Aid Office at (510) 763-7787. Also see Financial Aid.

Breakdown of all fees

Application Fee (non-refundable)  

U.S. Resident


Foreign Student

Admissions Deposit for Foreign Students (deductible) $200.00
STRF (Student Tuition Recovery Fund) .00 / $1000 of tuition

Registration Fee: (non refundable)

Facility Fee
Graduation Fee / Processing Fee
Pre-Comprehensive Exam
Basic Comprehensive Exam (each time)
Final Comprehensive Exam (each time)
Tuition fees, for credit:  

MSTCM Didactic Course Instruction

$261.00 / unit

MSTCM Clinic Instruction

$17.40 / hour

DAOM Didactic Course Instruction

$270.00 / unit

DAOM Clinic Instruction

18.00 / hour
Lab Coat Rental Fee (non refundable)
$38.00 / trimester
Malpractice Insurance for Clinic
$40.00 / trimester
Transfer Credit Processing Fee (Not Applicable to GE Courses)
$20.00 / unit
Late Registration Fees
Late Tuition Payment Fee $30.00
Late Installment Payment Fee
Monthly Installment Interest
10% / year
Add / Drop Fee (after one week class teaching) $50.00 per form
Late / Irregular Examination fee:  
Course exam
$75.00 each

Pre Comprehensive Exam

$50.00 each

Basic Comprehensive Exam

$80.00 each

Basic Clinical Exams

$40.00 each

Final Comprehensive Exam


Challenge Exam

$70.00 / unit
Tuition Fees for Audit  
Matriculating Student and Alumni (excluding electives) $80.00 / unit
Non-matriculating Student and/or any Elective Course
$120.00 / unit
Returned Check
$25.00 / each
Transcript Fee  

Official Copy

Official Copy (certified mail)

$10.00 each
Two-day Business Service and Two-day Priority Mail
$30.00 each

Unofficial Copy

$5.00 each

Fees for Additional Copies of Diploma:  

With Cover

$50.00 each

No Cover

$30.00 each
Letter of Recommendation or Verification
$5.00 / each
Library Fees:  

Overdue Charge Per Day

$0.25 each book

Damaged Book

$20.00 each item

Lost Book

replacement price of original text
Student ID Replacement $10.00
Student Document Copy Fee $30.00

Note: To graduate or be issued a transcript, all fees, current and due, must be paid in full. The Academy reserves the right to change any and all fees, in which case 30 days prior notice will be given.