Founder’s Message

Dr. Wei Tsuei, founder of ACCHS
on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Wei Tsuei
April 14, 1926 – December 24, 2010

The principle underlying the formation of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences is the Tao of nature, the theory of Yin-Yang and the principles of oneness of the universal, earth, and human being, the deepest meaning of classical Chinese culture. Because the United States of America was formed by uniting people from a variety of cultures into a multifaceted society, we have the opportunity to select from among diverse cultural heritages and medical knowledge, from the essence of treasured knowledge. Such knowledge, when combined with modern developments, constitutes the major course of study of the Academy. Thus, the program offered is part medical and part cultural.

Medical knowledge exists in order to relieve the sufferings of humanity, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. While the Academy’s principle purpose is to enable students to obtain a license to practice acupuncture, it does not stop there. The curriculum encourages the philosophy that through the healing of oneself one can understand how to heal others. The emphasis is on cultivation of the intellect and the comprehension of human nature.

In the long river of cultural development of the Chinese civilization, medical science stands out as a bright and shining pearl. It embodies the rich experience and discipline developed by a people more than one billion in number, existing on a piece of the planet nine million square miles in area, and represents more than five thousand years of struggle against disease and suffering. Placing this knowledge in the context of the United States — the foremost leader in modern science and technology — enables us to continue moving forward towards a bright future. Our aim is to pursue, through the medium of medical learning, the goal of an ideal society and civilization, and to make a significant contribution toward the development and prosperity of mankind.”

Wei Tsuei

Wei-Tsuei poster

Historical Poster – Our founder, Sifu Wei Tsuei’s was one of the first to bring all the elements of Chinese Healing Arts to the west coast. Here is a poster from his Taiji classes in Oakland from 1986.