Prospective Students

What kind of school are you looking for?
What kind of people do you want in your corner throughout the program?

dip your toe into ACCHSWe encourage every prospective student to test the waters of their TCM or Tui Na school!

As a prospective student, you must be vigilant in your assessment of TCM and Tui Na programs and course curricula.ACCHS will accommodate you in every way we can as you begin your TCM school discovery process.


Consider these ideas before committing to a school:

  1. Sit in on a class or two. Many schools have introductory classes and/or invitational course trial periods. At ACCHS, we invite all our prospective students to sit-in on any of our first year courses. During this time, prospective students can choose any course on the schedule and sample the classroom, lecture, and student environments. Before you commit to a school, be sure you are comfortable with the students, teachers, and administrators.
  2. Make an appointment, get free treatment, and try out the clinic. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to current interns and clinical supervisors. You’ll get treated at the facility’s main clinic and get a feel for the place, the supervisors, and interns, not to mention the treatment practice.
  3. Get to know the philosophy of the school.
    Are you looking for a traditional teaching methodology or a Westernized atmosphere? At the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences we take you on a journey of classical Chinese medicine and culture.
  4. A class at ACCHSLearn about the school’s statistics by obtaining a school performance fact sheet, which includes graduation rates, and retention rates.
  5. Get a feel for the institution’s administrators and faculty, the people and atmosphere.
    Are they accessible? Will you have a problem if you don’t make an appointment with a school official. At ACCHS, we boast an open administration, where you can openly talk, get information, express opinions, and become close to all the staff and administrators.

When you think you’re ready to explore the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, give us a call (510-763-7787) and ask for Mara, Maggie, Sophia, or Andres, four administrators who are always available to answer all your TCM school related questions.

Jon Diskin:
English Admissions & Marketing Manager
510-763-7787 ext. 107

Sophia Chen:
Chinese Admissions Administrator
510-763-7787 ext. 105

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