Student Services


The library is divided into two sections (Chinese, English) with traditional Chinese medical and related publications. It is open six days a week. Students can borrow books with their student ID cards. Students can also do individual research or have group study in the reading rooms. Computers, TV, a copier, periodicals, and dictionaries, as well as videos and slides are available for student and faculty use. You may access the ACCHS Online Library to find texts. For library hours, view the contact page.

Study Areas

Any of the first floor classrooms serve as a study areas when classes are not in session. The lounge is also a good area for study groups.

Student Lounge

A student lounge is available on the Academy’s third floor, with microwave ovens and refrigerators for student convenience, and with a space for group or individual clinical case study.

Reception Rug

Computers Medium


Textbooks and titles of related studies are available in the building through the Academy bookstore. Please consult with the administration for more information.

Computer Services

Students have access to word processors and the Internet in the computer room located on the 4th floor. Also, Internet accessibility is provided through a wireless router. Please obtain the SSID and password from the ACCHS office.

Copy Machines

Copiers are conveniently located at the reception, in the administration office, and in the library. A low-cost copy fee is applied for students’ specific copy needs.

Financial Aid

It costs money to be a student. Aside from tuition and fees, a student must buy books and supplies, pay for transportation to and from school, and cover personal expenses such as meals and housing. Many students and their families are unable to come up with the money needed to cover all of the expenses. To help students and their families supplement their own resources, financial aid is available. For more financial aid information, visit our financial aid pages

Counseling and Advising

The Academy provides counseling and advising services to students who have academic or personal concerns. These services include updating the student’s academic status, which assures that the student is where s/he had planned or would like to be academically. The faculty and administration staff have been designated as student advisors; department chairs act as academic counselors. The counselor will aid the student in the analysis and understanding of the concern, and, if necessary, facilitate bringing it to the appropriate persons for resolution. Students are encouraged to make appointments with the counselors.

Student Requests

Student  requesting changes in registered courses, waivers, Incompletes, irregular exam times, etc., should fill out a Student Request Form available at the administration office or online. Requests for challenge exams or transcripts are made on specific forms available from the administrative office.


Completed student request forms should be given to the chosen school counselor or to the receptionist if no counselor is available. The administrative staff will review the request at its next weekly meeting, and determine whether or not the request can be complied with, or may request more information from the student(s) involved. When a determination is made by the administration regarding the request, the counselor will notify the student by a written notice left with the receptionist in a file marked Responses to Student Requests.

Student Representation

The Academy student body meets regularly to discuss concerns relevant to student welfare, to elect representatives, and conduct other business pertinent to student and Academy development. Each class chooses a class representative and an alternate.

Student Representatives are charged with the responsibility of meeting on a regular basis (normally, once per trimester, or more as needed) with the administrative staff to discuss the issues brought forth by the student body at large. Urgent issues that occur between the regularly scheduled meetings are brought to the dean of administration or academic affairs for more immediate action. As appropriate, the student representatives are invited to the weekly administration staff and faculty meetings as well. Furthermore, student representation occurs within the Grievance Committee which has at least one student member and meets as needed.

Students are encouraged to submit suggestions, comments, or group requests to the administration through their student representatives in an organized and systematic manner.