Continuing Education

We offer several CE courses per year, totaling at least 50 required CE credits per two-year period.
ACCHS is approved by the California Acupuncture Board as a continuing education provider for licensed acupuncturists (Provider Number 001).








2. Six-Channel Diagnosis in the Shanghan Lun Part I (Part II to follow next year)
CEU Hours: 32 CEUs APPROVED, Category 1
Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, L.Ac., PhD (China)

Didactic lectures and practical application (32 PDA/CEU’s): October 27th to October 30th (9:00am – 6:00pm)

This course sets down the foundation for the Jing Fang (Classical Formula) lineage of Dr. Hu Xi Shu. This system breaks analyzes patient presentations according to the eight principles (Ba Gong) in order to determine the disease location within the Six Conformations (Liu Jing). It is a highly systematic system that leads to precise and effective use of classical formulas.

In this module, students will learn classify patient presentations according to Taiyang, Yangming, Shaoyang, Taiyin, Shaoyin, Jueyin, and Taiyang Taiyin combined. They will learn formula presentations that match the conformation and the disease (chief complaint), and modifications for specific circumstances. 

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux has been in China for nearly 20 years, with the last years devoted to study and training with Dr. Feng Shi Lun, director of the Hu Xi Shu institute. Dr. Robidoux is the primary teacher passing on this style of Jing Fang, Shanghan Lun-style practice in the West. 

More information about the system can be learned here: 


3. Battlefield Acupuncture – Early Bird Registration Discount Extended Until Friday 10/27!
CEU Hours: Category 1, 15 CEUs are pending by the California Acupuncture Board
Instructor: John Howard, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac.

Didactic lectures and practical application (15 CEU’s): November 4 – 5, 2017 (9:00am – 5:00pm)

Battlefield Acupuncture is an Auricular Therapy (Ear acupuncture) protocol that was invented by Dr. Richard Niemtzow MD in 2001. He came up with the name Battlefield Acupuncture for the simple reason that it could be used on the battlefield when it was not advisable or desirable to use Western pain medications such as narcotics. The protocol uses up to 5 specific points on each ear and employs a specific type of auriculotherapy needle. It is used to treat all types of pain. It was so effective in the military that it was taught to civilians to use for non-military patients. Its popularity has taken off exponentially since its inception.

The seminar consists of two days that are taught by John Howard, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. He did a five-year fellowship with the protocol inventor before he started teaching the seminar with and without Dr. Niemtzow. John Howard has taught this seminar for close to 10 years both in the United States and internationally.  The two-day seminar is approved by NCCAOM for 15 PDAs and by the California Acupuncture Board for 15 California CEUs. The course is taught over the weekend.  For at least the past 7 or 8  years, our seminars have been sponsored by Lhasa OMS. This includes providing us with goodie bags for each student with an abundance of sample products including the specific auriculotherapy needles used for this protocol.


Battlefield Acupuncture

November 4 – 5, 2017
(9:00am – 5:00pm)

15 CEUs pending

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3. Foundations of Master Tung Acupuncture
CEU Hours: Category 1, 32 CEUs are pending by the California Acupuncture Board
Instructor: Dr. Henry McCann, L.Ac, DAOM

Didactic lectures and practical application (32 CEU’s): December 1st – 4th, 2017 (9:00am – 6:00pm)

Master Tung is widely celebrated as one of the greatest acupuncturists in the modern era. While the system he taught was previously transmitted only within very closed circles, he made the decision to disseminate this knowledge more widely in order to raise the general level of medical practice. Fast-forwarding several decades, we now have many books and resources, and many great teachers granting access to this highly practical system to interested acupuncturists all over the world.

Tung’s system is praised for its clinical effectiveness, and is often transmitted as simply using points that are associated with symptoms. Dr. Henry McCann’s background as a scholar of the Han classics allow him to go deeper in order to elucidate the theoretical principles and therapeutic strategies that underlie and guide Master Tung’s system. In this lecture Dr. McCann will teach the three main theories that guide point selection: image correspondence, channel correspondence, and tissue correspondence. He will then teach the most useful points from each of the body regions, elaborating on point location, indications, functions, and combinations for specific applications. 

All participants should bring a Tung Acupuncture Manual, so they could reference the the points as we go along.


Foundations of Tung Acupuncture

December 1 – 4, 2017
(9:00am – 6:00pm)

32 CEUs pending

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4. Advanced Pediatrics TCM & Sho-Ni-Shin Seminar, Behavioral Disorders
CEU Hours: Category 1, 15 CEUs are APPROVED by the California Acupuncture Board
15 NCCAOM PDAs approved
Instructor: Soma Glick, D.O.M., (NM), L.Ac., CHom.

Didactic lectures and practical application (15 PDA/CEU’s): February 24 – 25, 2018 (8:30am – 5:00pm)

This course is designed as a follow-up to the basic “Treating Children with Oriental Medicine: Healing with Sho-Ni-Shin” course. We will take time for in-class practice with the sho-ni-shin tools on Saturday to brush up the basic sho-ni-shin techniques introduced in the first course and introduce other techniques specific for calming shen and the nervous system.
This course will cover a wide range of children’s “so-called” behavioral disorders, from hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder and autism as well as anxiety, insomnia and night terrors and see how they affect different age groups, from infants, toddlers, school-age children and teen-agers. It will give participants an understanding of this modern day epidemic from both the Traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture systems.
Soma will present real cases from her private practice and will cover in-depth treatment protocols with acupuncture, sho-ni-shin techniques and herbal medicine, as well as take a look at life style and nutritional issues.


Advanced Pediatrics TCM & Sho-Ni-Shin Seminar, Behavioral Disorders

February 24 – 25, 2018

(8:30am – 5:00pm)
Category 1, 15 CEUs are APPROVED by the California Acupuncture Board
15 NCCAOM PDAs approved

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Refund Policy

ACCHS CEU Provider Number: 001
Language of Instruction: All courses taught in English unless otherwise noted
Location of Courses: All courses held at ACCHS (1600 Broadway Ave, Oakland, CA 94612) unless otherwise noted 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • All cancellations must be received in writing by letter, fax, or email (
  • Cancellations made at least 7 calendar days prior to the first class day will receive a full refund less a $40.00 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made less than 7 calendar days prior to the first class day will receive a 50% refund.
  • ACCHS is unable to transfer course fees paid for one seminar or course to any other seminar or course.
  • In the unlikely event that ACCHS has to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment, or for some other unforeseen reason, registrants will receive a full refund.

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