Clinical Application of Classical Formulas: The Art and Science of Jing Fang

Huang Huang


Dr. Huang Huang
Nanjing University of Traditional
Chinese Medicine



About this Course

Didactic lectures (24 CEU’s): March 13th to 15th
Clinical Observation: March 17th & 18th

Dr. Huang Huang (find his resume below) will come the San Francisco Bay Area in March 2015 to teach a unique and immediately practical style of Classical herbalism.  Dr. Huang will be teaching 3 days of didactic lectures (24 CEU’s granted) as well as holding an observer clinic on Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th.  This course of study will introduce a new way of thinking about Classical formulas, that is remarkably effective in the treatment of modern diseases. 

The Jing Fang (Classical Formula) style of herbalism that Dr. Huang will teach is both an art and a science. Through elevating patient observation to observe a patient’s appearance, complexion, demeanor, skin, hair, etc., a practitioner can learn a great deal about the patient, their health and the way they interact with the world.  In this way, you learn to recognize and treat the patient, rather than the disease.  It is an art in that Dr. Huang teaches his students to really see their patients.
Jing Fang is also a science, in that Classical formulas are built using logical and consistent rules.  The best ways to learn these rules is by studying the classical herb pairs (formula elements, or dui yao), which are the building blocks of applied herbal medicine. In this way, we can understand the structure and application of every Classical formula.  

Course Content

  • Friday Introduction to Herb Patterns
  • Saturday Gastrointestinal: Chrohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),
    Ulcerative colitis, Diverticulitis, and Insomnia
  • Sunday Immune system disorders; Rheumatoid arthritis, Hypo and Hyperthyroid

Course Takeaways

  • Formula Architecture: the most important herb pairs used to create Classical Formulas
  • Formula Families: Dr. Huang’s famous system for attributing specific herbs to a patient’s general presentation/constitution
  • Formula Patterns: The specific presentations (constitution + disease) that are the keys to selecting the appropriate formula
  • Digestive Diseases: common digestive diseases, organized by formula pattern, key signs and symptoms, and appropriate formulas
  • Autoimmune Diseases: common autoimmune diseases, organized by formula pattern, key signs and symptoms, and appropriate formulas

About the Instructor

Dr. Huang is a world-renowned physician, a prolific writer, and among the most sought-after teachers of Chinese Medicine in the world.  He is one of the pioneers responsible for the resurgence of Classical Chinese Medicine in China and the West.  Dr. Huang teaches at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and travels across China and internationally, lecturing about the clinical use of classical medicinals and formulas.  His particular area of focus is on the application of classical formulas according to constitutional types..

He has authored many journal articles and books, some of which have been translated into English:

  • Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine
  • Zhang Zhong Jing’s Clinical Application of 50 Medicinals
  • Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas
  • Huang Huang’s guide to Clinical Application






24 CEU Hours
Friday, March 13 to
Sunday, March 15 

Tuesday, March 17 to
Wednedsday, March 18

9:00am to 6:00pm

$499 for Professionals
$399 for ACCHS Alumni
$349 for Current MSTCM
Students and Faculty
$249 for ACCHS Faculty
AACMA Members please call ACCHS
Ask for Mandy Yu 
$175 for One Didactic Day
$100 for One Clinic Day
$200 for Two Clinic Days

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