Treatment Techniques

The teaching clinic is a clinical program of traditional Chinese medicine that is open to the public, provides high quality care at low cost, and offers a complete alternative medicine service to the community.  A variety of treatment techniques can be employed in the clinic.

Acupuncture (disposable needles only)

accupuncture points_3747Needles inserted at specific points on the body clear and balance the flow of Chi (energy) in the meridians. Traditional theory says that blockages and imbalances cause disease and impede healing. Through the medium of the needle, good acupuncturists can feel the quality of the patient’s energy flow and direct Chi into the patient’s body, promoting recovery.


In traditional Chinese medicine, the different characters of herbs are employed to treat diseases, rectify hyperactivity of yin or yang, and help the body restore its normal physiological functions, consequently curing the disease and restoring health.

Tui Na Acupressure (acupuncture without needles)

Medical massage can flush out the tissues and improve circulation of blood, helping remove stagnated blood,  and promoting pain and swelling to fade.  This therapeutic massage technique is based on meridian therapy.

Tip: rub your soles and massage your abdomen frequently.

Moxibustion Therapy

Hot Mugwort herb sticks, held near the body, allow heat to penetrate the skin and muscle. The resulting stimulation harmonizes the Chi and blood, dredges channels to cure diseases, and improves health. Moxibustion is commonly used because of its simplicity and efficiency.

Taiji, a.k.a. Tai Chi Chuan

To learn Tai Chi Chaun is to experience the Yin and Yang of inhale and exhale. Physical action contains the principle of Yin and Yang as well. Therefore, breath and physical action constitute Yin and Yang balance. Yin and Yang of mind takes many years to understand, but people can be taught to use movement and breathing together to empty and relax the mind.

Food Therapy

food_7362331The Chinese people have known for centuries that ordinary foods contain powerful healing properties. Based on the Five Element Theory and the principle of Yin Yang, each food is characterized by its flavor, energies, and actions. Diet therapy regulates and treats different organs of the body according to the properties of the food.


Cupping Therapy

When air is expelled by heating and the cup is placed on the skin, suction occurs. The heat and negative pressure inside the cup, invigorate the flow of Chi and blood, alleviating pain.