About Clinic Internships

The objective of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS) Teaching Clinic is to provide the East Bay community with high-quality, low-cost access to traditional Chinese medical care.  The Teaching Clinic enables students to integrate their classroom knowledge and refine their skills under the supervision of experienced practitioners to ensure that patients get the best medical care.

We provide our students with a graduate education in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At ACCHS, students are first given a theoretical background in the medicine. Then they are introduced into the Teaching Clinic as observers and gradually work their way up to pre-intern, and intern levels.

If you would like more information on the current intern residents at the Academy Teaching Clinic, please call (510) 763-1299 and speak with a clinic care representative. We will be happy to answer all your questions related to our high-quality, patient-care procedures.

Clinical Training Synopsis

In their 960 hours clinical training, students advance from observer (0 – 150 hours) to pre-intern (151 – 450 hours) to intern (451 – 960 hours) only after successful evaluations by their clinic supervisors and clinic managers.

Students are expected to be professional both in appearance and attitude, being neat and clean at all times. Clinic assigned white lab coats are required, with a name tag appropriately identifying the students as observer, pre-intern, or intern. Attentiveness and sensitivity to the needs of patients, clinic supervisors, staff, and fellow students must be practiced.

Additional information about clinic policies can be found in the clinic handbook.